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Haptic Design Meetup vol4

TELYUKAがHaptic Design Meetup vol4でのトークショーに出演しました

TELYUKA appeared on a talk show at the Haptic Design Meetup vol 4.

----​Haptic Design Meetup より---------

Haptic Design Meetup、4回目のテーマは(Emotion)Design。

人はモノを見ただけで、過去の経験から触った時の印象をある程度イメージすることができます。 リンク先は登壇時の内容が掲載されています



今回のゲストは、触知覚研究をされている慶應義塾大学湘南藤沢キャンパスの仲谷正史先生、本物と見紛う女子校生CGキャラ「Saya」を生み出した3DCGユニットTELYUKAさんです。Haptic Designにおける(Emotion)Designの手法を言語化し「わざ」化することを試みます。

The theme of the fourth Haptic Design Meetup was (Emotion) Design.

Just by looking at an object, people can imagine to some extent the impression they will have when they touch it based on their past experiences. (The link contains the content of the speech.

Various emotions can then be evoked from this image. For example, "It looks nice and squishy" or "It looks spiky and painful, but I'd like to touch it a bit."

In this session, entitled (Emotion) Design, we will explore how Haptic can be utilised to evoke different emotions.

The guests this time are Professor Masafumi Nakatani of Keio University's Shonan Fujisawa Campus, who conducts research on haptic perception, and 3DCG unit TELYUKA, who created the CG character "Saya", a schoolgirl who looks like a real one. The project attempts to turn it into a 'feat'.






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